Business Responsiveness

Business Reactivity or Proactivity?

This business pain is probably one of the most common in large enterprises.

It is highly unlikely that any single business is purely proactive as there will always be situations where a reactive response is necessary. However, the amount of time and effort that is spent on each is something that should be considered. Moreover, even the measurement of that amount of time can often be overlooked in reviewing company processes and strategies.
The level of reactivity or proactivity within a business can have a major impact on a company's competitiveness, determining whether a business is "ahead of the curve" in adopting new technology that will benefit the company's customers. It can also be indicator on whether there are strategies and processes related to a goal of continual improvement, which will ultimately affect the bottom line. Crossvale has a proven track record of delivering proactive solutions. Our project team can guide your business team in determining how best to leverage real-time analysis and automated activities that will provide your company with the greatest returns.

Consider the Following to Determine if Your Business Operations are Reactive or Proactive

It is inevitable that emergencies will occasionally happen in any business and when they occur they should be immediately addressed. One trap that can easily be fallen into is that "putting out fires" evolves into a normal every day activity for the business and it may even get to the point where those that put out the fires are viewed as heroes and may not even want the situation to change.
If a business or part of an organization is constantly addressing emergencies and that isn't their main role then there is a problem that could be related to the governance model of the organization or the lack of having proactive elements and processes within the organization's reactive strategy.

This can be a formidable task as technology is continuously evolving, however, even the smallest businesses need to do a minimal amount of research into technologies that may be cost-saving and enhance the customer's experience.

If enough time cannot be allocated to research technology, then consulting with experts that have the familiarity is always an option.

Not every business can be an early adopter. However, if a business is struggling to keep up with the competition, it is highly unlikely that they have effective proactive strategies in place.

Something cannot be fixed until it is identified as a problem and a problem cannot often be identified unless it is measured in some way. Are there processes in place within your organization to measure the correct variables in order to identify whether your business is proactive or reactive?