Enterprise Architecture

Architecture Directly Relates to the Vision and Outcomes of every Business

Architecting a software solution that is scalable, reusable, and maintainable is no small feat. Especially when you consider the size of most enterprise applications in use today. Crossvale has certified architects available to help guide your project to success from concept to completion.
We realize that in order to achieve good architecture, a varied skill-set and knowledge is required. These skills can include:
  • Experience with Business Operations
  • Systems and Interface Knowledge and Experience
  • Governance Standards Creation, Review and Implementation
  • TOGAF® training
  • Process Design
  • Good Practices, rigorous testing methodologies, code reviews and code quality assurance
  • Sequence Diagram Creation, Review and Maintenance
  • Enterprise Architecture Frameworks and Models Selection
  • Agile and Waterfall Methodologies
  • Project Management
  • Familiarity with current languages, platforms and up-to-date technologies

How and Why?

Crossvale has over a Century of knowledge, with the experience of hundreds of successful projects to help guide your team in advancing the project through to completion. Our Architects have been certified on multiple platforms, and can leverage their collective knowledge to provide you with best practices from across the industry.
We can start at the very beginning and build the whole system from requirements, through deployment and then take care of maintenance, or come in anywhere along the software development life cycle and provide any level of support needed. We have experts in Business Analysis, Development, Project Management, Architecture, QA and much more.
If you just need the expert of an architect to supplement your team, Crossvale’s Architects will join your business team, and get a solid understanding of the requirements. They will then work closely with the development team to derive the architecture design. Once an architecture design has been established, the Architect will advise the development team, and review the output for accuracy.
We also specialize in Agile methodologies to provide adaptive planning, an iterative approach, and flexibility to change.