Location Analytics

Location Analytics - The Future is Now

"The Power of Where" is emerging as a popular phrase due to the harnessing of technology to provide live tracking information on customers, enabling better outcomes and service across the board.
With location analytics strengthening business intelligence, a new level of customer experience is possible by:
  • Enabling operational efficiency by streaming real-time location data which include automated clustering, point density and color-coded mapping, providing a rich, geo-centric view.
  • Informing decisions around optimal timing of service, layout and traffic flow.
  • Determining exact customer travel paths.
  • Enabling customization of offers for customers.
  • Determining acquisition and commitment rates.
  • Enabling triggering of marketing strategies according to location, with contextually relevant messaging.
  • Enabling monitoring of mobile app activity, with offers generated by site activity.

How and Why?

Crossvale has the experience, knowledge and skills for businesses to be able to utilize this exciting technology, enriching the experience of their customers and empowering decision-makers with new information. The possible applications of this technology are numerous with businesses being able to deliver information, products and services that are customized to individual customers.

Using transmission information from mobile devices, it is possible to track, monitor and analyze customer movements and data by consolidating technologies from different sources. Components from Aruba Networks and Software AG (Apama, Presto and Terracotta) can provide a live streaming view (and historical data) on customer movements.
Watch the following video for more information on "how it's done":