Red Hat

As a Red Hat Premier Business Partner, Crossvale can Merge Knowledge and Experience to Deliver a Solution that Works

Red Hat's platform can help businesses get where they need to be, with low cost and low risk.
Red Hat's community-powered innovation and an open source development model provides enterprise-class products that are different from traditional proprietary software for the following reasons:
  • faster innovation – the large community can innovate faster than any single vendor meaning that state of the art technologies, standards, architectures and design patterns are used in the Red Hat stack
  • lower cost & risk – for acquisition costs 1/10th of the competition and reduced risk of lock-in due to an open source subscription model.
For enterprise IT professionals who must build mission-critical solutions to differentiate and ensure their organization's success, Red Hat enables enterprises to innovate faster, in a smarter way.

Crossvale has experience and knowledge of the Red Hat suite to help make your vision a reality.

How and Why?

As a certified Redhat Premier Business Partner, Crossvale has the experience and skill to be able to assist businesses with the Red Hat platform.
The Red Hat portfolio offers the following suite of products:
  • OpenShift: A public cloud application development and hosting platform that automates the provisioning, management and scaling of applications
  • OpenStack: An Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), which offers tools for pooling compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter, providing self-service access to users under administrative control
  • JBoss BPM Suite: A business process and decision management platform that combines business rules management, business process management (BPM), and complex event processing
  • JBoss BRMS - A robust business rules management system (BRMS) that gives business decision makers the ability to quickly create and change business rules.
  • JBoss Data Virtualization - An integration platform that unifies data from disparate sources into a single source and exposes the data as a reusable service.
  • JBoss Fuse Service Works - An SOA integration suite that lets you build, deploy, integrate, and present applications and services.
  • JBoss A-MQ - A small-footprint, high-performance messaging platform.
  • JBoss Fuse - A small-footprint, flexible enterprise service bus (ESB).