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2 Jan

How Big Data Will Transform Our Economy And Our Lives In 2015

This article has some really interesting things to say about big data terrorism, civil liberties and open government data..

2 Jan

Companies Must Reinvent Their CX Ecosytems

What are you doing to improve customer experiences? This article states that 80% of CX professionals say their firms want to be leaders in their industry but only 11% succeed. Read to see why?

2 Jan

The CIO's top 3 priorities for 2015

The CIO's job is getting much more difficult. Check out this article on what a CIO needs to do to stay ahead in 2015.

23 Dec

4 Banking Trends That Became Clear in 2014

This is an interesting article related to trends in banking.

17 Nov

The Internet of Things Will Bring Intelligent BPM

We found this article on the impact of IOT and how BPM comes into play to be interesting. We hope you will too!

30 Oct

Want to read a little about IOT?

This insightful website may help keep us informed on how the IoT (internet of things) is going to shape our lives.

21 Oct

The Digital Economy is here...are you ready?

An interesting article on the digital economy quotes Software AG CEO, Karl-Heinz Streibich. "Those that become digital – to take advantage of forces such as social media, cloud computing, big data and localisation – will be the winners".

07 Oct

A New Version of Apama Keeps Pace with Industry Needs

The updates will keep Apama ahead of the competition in the streaming analytics sphere.