Software AG webMethods Enterprise Service Bus

A Standards-Based ESB that Integrates Technologies From Any Vendor

Quickly Integrate Systems, Partners, Data, Devices and SaaS Applications.

webMethods ESB integrates technologies from any vendor, including ERP systems, databases, mainframes and legacy apps, SaaS platforms, Web services, Java® Message Service and packaged apps. webMethods ESB can be used with webMethods BPMS or webMethods Trading Networks.
With webMethods, you gain a single integration backbone to connect all IT systems and application silos—from custom, mainframe and legacy apps to ERP, CRM and cloud-based systems. We can help you adopt a well-planned and effective approach to application integration and gain end-to-end application visibility across all systems.

Some of the many benefits of webMethods ESB include: AMQ arch diagram
  • Integrate virtually any system, including ERP, CRM, cloud-based applications, home-grown applications and legacy systems, such as mainframes
  • Secure data, encode data and communicate more easily across your Digital Enterprise
  • Standards-based integration is faster—webMethods supports key standards including HTTP, XML, SOAP and WDSL
  • No need for any extra hardware to enable clustering
  • Rapidly connect packaged apps and databases using adapters instead of coding
  • Measure and analyze metrics, such as available memory, CPU usage and number of threads used
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These include:
  • Central audit system keeps detailed log of all transaction flows and service executions for troubleshooting errors and failures
  • Adapters feature connection pooling, security, session management and logging
  • Choose from a broad range of adapters for JDBC®, SAP®, Oracle®, Siebel CRM™,® and more
  • Use an Eclipse™-based integrated development environment to visually map any document type to any other
  • Hundreds of transformers are available out-of-the-box to support standard and complex transformations within the maps
  • Web-based tool can help in simulated deployments, checkpoints, rollbacks and federated deployments across environments
  • Authenticate systems and users using LDAP, Active Directory® and single sign-on systems, such as Netegrity
  • Authorize role-based access with built-in authorization provider or connect with external third-party providers
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