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Software AG’s Optimize B2B Provides Instant End to End Insight

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Used with webMethods Trading Networks, Optimize for B2B is a Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) software solution that helps you analyze and understand interactions with your trading partners.
You’ll gain visibility into transactions and trends across your trading network, define and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real-time and find out how many orders you’ve received—so you can measure your success. Track percentages of late deliveries—so you can check supplier performance - whether you’re running your supply chain or processing electronic payments, you can quickly determine the health of your B2B processes and measure partner performance. You’ll know what’s happening with real-time monitoring, and you can head-off potential problems using predictive analytics, that’s because Optimize for B2B will automatically learn your network’s normal behavior and alert you if anything unusual occurs.

Some of the many benefits of Optimize for B2B include: O B2B diagram
  • Real-time, end-to-end visibility into the supply chain
  • Improved supply chain performance through tighter supplier relationships
  • Fast resolution of process exceptions across your entire trading partner environment
  • System “baselining” learns normal behavior and intelligently determines which exceptions to alert on and when
  • Pinpoint potential breakdowns before they occur
  • Use Optimize for B2B to monitor KPIs, such as order volumes and cycle times, order change analysis, lead time variability, product backorders, order defects and duplicate orders.
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These include:
  • Intelligent self-learning: webMethods Optimize for B2B monitors each Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and learns what is “normal” based on historical patterns, such as time-of-day and day-of-month.
  • Proactive, exception-based alerts : Get alerted when unexpected performance occurs—outside of what’s established as “normal". You can customize alerts easily to meet your business SLAs. Users can send alerts via e-mail, SMS or through Web service actions
  • Unified view of your B2B data : With webMethods Optimize for B2B, you can easily view the health of your B2B processes, as well gather and track business data across your B2B transactions. Optimize for B2B is seamlessly integrated with webMethods Trading Networks, enabling you to simply choose to monitor the business data that’s important to you.
  • Early problem prediction: By monitoring end-to-end B2B processes, webMethods Optimize for B2B can identify deviations based on historical behavior. You’ll be able to head-off potential problems by knowing about imminent process errors and getting a recommended course of action defined by you.
For more information on Optimize for B2B download the information sheet

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