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IT Portfolio Management Expertise at your Fingertips

Portfolio-thinking is Business-Thinking

A cloud-based service for the instant and intuitive management of IT portfolios. It provides best practices and end-to-end guidance for collecting, connecting and assessing available data to support both IT and business decision-making

Some of the many benefits of Portfolio Live include: AMQ arch diagram
  • The Application/Business Dependency Assessment value case demonstrates how business capabilities are supported by applications, and identifies application risk profiles that are inadequate for the business capabilities they support.
  • Find out where danger lurks to pre-empt potential image damage and reparation costs.
  • Find applications that provide higher risk protection than the business needs to lower operation and maintenance costs.
  • The Application Health Assessment value case aims at identifying applications that need to be considered for modernization due to age and poor performance.
  • Portfolio analysis shows clearly which applications should be re-platformed, retained or replaced.
  • The Application Information Dependency Assessment identifies application inter-dependencies by virtue of the information being exchanged.
  • Questions such as “Which information feeds are critical for an application?” and “Are applications with high information dependency supporting mission-critical business processes?” help identify risky behavior.
  • The Application Investment Assessment value case helps uncover deviations between the recommended investment levels and the actual plans associated with the applications.
  • Content-rich,analytics-oriented reports focus on exception handling. Alfabet Cloud provides a simple data gathering facility in addition to straight-forward editing of objects.
  • Alfabet Cloud even provides recommended actions for identified hotspots.
  • No time to figure out the relevant evaluation criteria, measurement KPIs, data collection templates and reports you need to understand the issue at hand? Relax – we’ve done the prep work for you.
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The capabilities of Alfabet Cloud include:
  • Delivery of instant results with pre-configured KPIs and views – ready to show and ready to share.
  • We help you turn your data into a reliable source of information with an easy and straight-forward process to gather, refine and maintain it.
  • Alfabet Cloud puts years of experience in IT portfolio management into your hands.
  • Here you’ll find the application portfolio management assessments most frequently needed.
  • Provides a contextualized perspective of IT architecture.
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