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Software AG’s Archimate/TOGAF Tools enables Better Architecture

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Supporting the Architecture Process

Architecture has evolved into a key enabler of change in many of today’s organizations. By ensuring consistency across business solutions, architecting lower costs, reduceing project risks and optimizing the return on technology investments. Architects, however, need the proper tools to manage increasing complexity. ARIS provides architects with a professional architecture tool based on the leading standards ArchiMate® and TOGAF®. But ARIS is more, providing support for requirements and portfolio management, a comprehensive set of domain specific languages integrated with ArchiMate and TOGAF and also reporting and collaboration capabilities.

Some of the many benefits of Archimate/TOGAF include: Archimate
  • Full ArchiMate and TOGAF support, delivering complete metamodel and views out of the box
  • Aligned to other major frameworks like Zachman® or ITIL®
  • Integrated out-of-the-box support for domainspecific languages, such as BPMN, ERM and UML™
  • Built-in requirements management and project portfolio management
  • User-friendly Designer
  • Extensive reporting and publishing capabilities
  • Scalable repository with professional user management, versioning and workflow support
  • Integration through open standards and with leading development and execution platforms
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Architecting has become a key transformation function in today’s organizations. An architecture enables organizations to increase consistency between solutions, to lower costs and to mitigate project risks. To achieve that, architects must work together with many stakeholders. To build a comprehensive picture of the as-is enterprise, architects must collaborate with process and IT managers. To construct a to-be architecture, they must join forces with business managers and product strategists. To ensure consistent solutions are realized, they must work with project portfolio managers and project managers. With ARIS, all these stakeholders work together. For more information on Archimate/TOGAF download the information sheet

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