Software AG Architect/Designer

Software AG’s Architect/Designer Saves Time and Enables Collaboration

Better Analysis of Businesses and Processes, Powered by Software AG Technology

These flagship products are ideal for modeling the Digital Enterprise and driving business improvements. You create, analyze and manage the entire enterprise model. Do everything from devising your process strategy to planning information architectures, application landscapes and services. Add extension packs as needed. Used For: process transformation; process-driven management for SAP®

Some of the many benefits of Architect/Designer include: Aris arch diag
  • Use these must-have foundational tools for any business process analysis, enterprise architecture or governance, risk & compliance initiative
  • Design and analyze processes and your enterprise architecture
  • Harmonize and standardize business activities with IT systems
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These include:
  • One installation works for everyone - process modelers, process owners, business analysts and strategists, and enterprise and information architects
  • Choose feature set based on role
  • Central repository assures consistency and re-usability of models and data
  • Method-based documentation improves collaboration - everyone "speaks the same language", which leads to standardization-a proven variant manager
  • Central administration increases efficiency: Centralize identity management-create, update and delete user data in one storage system. Centralize license management and distribution to reduce workloads and data inconsistencies and to increase transparency. Store all documents in the one place.
  • Cross analytics for better, faster decisions. Conduct ad-hoc analyses, browse content and evaluate the ARIS repository independent of ARIS models. Save time with a graphical query builder. Design and manage results in views or spreadsheets
  • The UI simplifies process design. Speed up modeling with mini toolbar, fragments and powerful search capabilities Flexible support for both EPC & BPMN™. ARIS also supports Business Process Execution Language (BPEL™), Unified Modeling Language (UML™), value-added chains and enterprise risk management
  • Spreadsheets for smart analysis - the functionality is comparable to Microsoft® Excel®. Supports calculation formulas and spreadsheet templates. Re-use results in dashboards built with ARIS MashZone
  • ARIS Connect integrates seamlessly with ARIS Architect & Designer making it possible to collaborate using all existing process content. Scale access to a wider range of people cost effectively
  • Configure and enhance the meta model with new artifacts, connections and models-no more waiting for the next ARIS release. Use wizards to define, enhance and manage specific meta models. Create new objects, connections and models.
For more information on Architect/Designer download the information sheet

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