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Software AG’s ARIS Powers Business Processes

Igniting Process Improvement, Powered by Software AG Technology

ARIS 9.6 combines 20 years of Business Process Analysis (BPA) experience with the latest technology trends in the areas of cloud, mobile, social collaboration and big data/information. ARIS 9.6 also opens up process improvement to anyone. To make this possible, Software AG made ARIS easy to use, smarter to run and powerful to improve processes.

  • Social: Users want to connect, communicate and collaborate to improve processes. ARIS 9.6 provides individual user perspectives combined with social networking capabilities allowing anybody to contribute to process improvement based on their unique skills and experiences. Finally, process improvement is for everyone!
  • Mobile: Users want to consume, create, analyze and improve process content on their mobile devices. ARIS 9.6 presents process information and business dashboards via smart phones and tablet devices to enable process improvement on the go.
  • Big Data/Information: Users want to analyze process content fast and easy. ARIS 9.6 is delivering advanced analytical capabilities allowing anyone to have the information that matters presented in any format required for faster and better decisions.
  • Cloud: Users want to leverage the wisdom of the crowd to improve processes. ARIS 9.6 introduces ARIS Connect, a new product in the ARIS portfolio that runs in a private cloud architecture in your data center. ARIS Connect combines process publishing and design with social collaboraticon to tap the full potential of "crowdsourcing" for process improvement.
Some of the many benefits of ARIS include: aris
  • Process Transformation
  • Process-Driven Management for SAP Solutions
  • BPM Governance
  • Compliance management
  • Risk management
  • Policy management
  • Audit management
For more information on Aris download the information sheet.

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Capabilities include:
  • Analysis
  • MashZone dashboards
  • Real-time risk & compliance management
  • Integration with MashZone: Analytics anywhere
  • Cross analytics
  • Policy management
  • Open BPM
  • Business-level rules modeling
  • Better BPMN
  • Innovations for SAP Solutions
Aris has the power to take advantage of the big four opportunities most organizations need to capitalize on
The Power of Social:-- Use social collaboration to improve your business processes
  • Host open discussions about processes, and build and join groups
  • View any information in ARIS using your browser
  • Visualize processes, applications and any other company-related information
  • Watch an activity stream on the network
  • Transform process models into easy-to-read Web pages
The Power of the Cloud: Mix and match on-premise and cloud apps
  • Sign on once and use any ARIS product
  • Centralize identity management-create, update and delete user data in one storage system
  • Centralize license management and distribution to reduce workloads and data inconsistencies and to increase transparency
  • Share and link documents across ARIS software
  • Store all documents in one place
  • Configure and enhance the meta model with new artifacts, connections and models-no more waiting for the next ARIS release
  • Use wizards to define and manage specific meta models or expand existing frameworks, such as TOGAF™ with specific enhancements
The Power of Mobile: Improve processes on the go!
  • Mobile-enabling your business processes used to be a time-consuming and expensive task. Not with ARIS 9.6! ARIS Connect, a new product in the ARIS portfolio, introduces a new HTML5- based client technology providing access through smart phones and tablet devices.
  • Now all stakeholders can directly access process portals by using their mobile devices.
  • They not just view process models, but also suggest improvements using social collaboration capabilities.
  • With advanced analytic capabilities visually present individually selected business information and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which can be used interactively on any mobile device, supporting collaboration by anyone, anywhere, anytime.
The Power of Big Data/Information Make better decisions based on smarter analysis
  • Access data in the ARIS repository easily to conduct comprehensive analytics using a three-step approach: Query – Template – Result
  • Define queries with the help of a graphical query builder and define how the data will be visualized-for example, in Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets, Microsoft® Word documents or ARIS
For more information on ARIS download the information sheet

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