Software AG CentraSite

Software AG’s CentraSite Enables API Creation

Create, Store, Virtualize and Reuse your APIs.

Give developers and business analysts one place to store, find and re-use all your service and Application Programming Interface (API) assets. With CentraSite, you can catalog thousands of APIs and services. Developers and business analysts will know what assets they can re-use. Plus, you’ll have the assurance that services perform to the high standards you’ve enforced.

Some of the many benefits of CentraSite include: SAG
  • Ensure the right services and APIs are built the right way
  • Guide the evolution of assets from conception through retirement
  • Eliminate rework—foster re-use by providing a catalog of re-usable assets
  • Make decisions faster—information on assets is just a click away
  • View the impact of changes by understanding asset interdependencies
  • Manage the entire process of planning, designing and developing APIs
  • Track SOA and API adoption and benefits
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These include:
  • Unified metadata registry and repository. CentraSite gives you a central, platform-independent application for defining, describing and storing assets. You can easily catalog all services, APIs, business processes and related assets, such as XML schemas and business rules. You can publish asset definition and descriptions to CentraSite using numerous options.
  • CentraSite’s flexible metadata store captures relevant asset information, such as asset capabilities, owner, location, version, classifications and configuration. Store associated artifacts such as: requirements documents and usage guidelines, as part of the asset description. Choose from more than 50 ready-to-use asset type definitions, including service, REST API, XML schema and BPEL™ processes.
  • Life-cycle management and versioning. CentraSite’s active life-cycle technology tracks and guides the evolution of every service and API asset, from conception through retirement. You can assign every asset type in CentraSite’s store a unique life cycle that models its real-world status, such as proposed, built, productive or retired. Ensure standards and practices are followed as every asset moves through its life cycle. Use CentraSite’s built-in versioning capabilities to define and track asset versions. Multiple versions can exist side by side, and older versions can be retired over time.
  • Policy management. CentraSite’s active policy technology automates life-cycle processes. An active policy defines a series of actions that you associate with an event, such as the addition, modification or life-cycle status change of an asset. When the event occurs, CentraSite executes the actions prescribed in the policy. For example, when a service is added to CentraSite, a policy can trigger a series of automated steps, such as validating metadata and provisioning appropriate permissions.
  • Search and browse, asset notification: Finding and re-using service and API assets is easy by using CentraSite’s Web-based interface. You can find service and process assets by browsing using built-in or custom taxonomies. Use CentraSite’s powerful keyword search or its advanced search capabilities for defining complex criteria. You can also subscribe to your favorite assets and receive notification of any changes to them.
  • Structure your repository by organizations to reflect your business. This allows for delegated administration and separation of concerns. Leverage organization-specific policies and life-cycle models to make asset management easier.
  • CentraSite can be set up for anonymous access so project teams can see assets available for re-use. Viewing is quick and easy—no credentials are required! Once project teams find services, APIs and process assets they’d like to use, they can request access to them. CentraSite administrators can set up and enforce policies before granting permission to use the assets. Built-in workflow capabilities quickly on-board consumers and track consumption of assets by authorized users
For more information on CentraSite download the information sheet

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