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Connect, communicate and collaborate on processes easily on a social network. No BPM experience is required. Stakeholders from anywhere, even while mobile, can work together on processes. Add ARIS MashZone to view KPIs on dashboards so you can easily see where to make improvements.
ARIS Connect is built on a cloud architecture that scales up with the customer demand and also saves total cost of ownership through dynamic provisioning. Supporting a private cloud scenario, ARIS Connect can be deployed in your data center, combining maximum security with the scalability of cloud architecture. Add ARIS MashZone to create dashboards for your processes. With ARIS Connect you can improve processes using a social network; engage anyone, anywhere, anytime and Design, publish and dashboard processes all with one tool. Connect is used for social collaboration on business processes; mobile process improvement; enterprise architecture initiatives; enterprise-wide publishing; mobile process documentation; process transformation; process-driven management for SAP® initiatives

Some of the many benefits of Connect include: connect banner
  • Introduce social collaboration to improve processes
  • Make BPM easy to understand
  • Integrate publishing and design
  • Make process analysis “smarter” even on mobile devices
  • Use ARIS Connect with any other ARIS product
For more information on Connect download the information sheet.

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These include:
  • Empower anyone, anytime, anywhere to collaborate to make your processes the best in the world
  • Collaborate via project spaces, micro blogs, activity streams, groups, expertise spotting and ratings
  • Follow your peers or your favorite processes to stay up-to-date on the latest discussions and improvements
  • Define policies, roles and responsibilities-especially important when collaboration is extensive
  • Improve processes on the go
  • HTML5-based client technology assures access using smart phones and tablets
  • Use with any other ARIS product
  • Re-use existing process content from your ARIS 9 installation
  • View and redesign a process model all in one environment
  • Add ARIS MashZone to enrich process descriptions with dashboards to visualize process costs, change requests or real-time data like cycle times
  • Pictogram-style visualizations simplify process improvement
  • Adjust process descriptions based on role-assure experts get the views and capabilities they need to analyze and improve processes
For more information on Connect download the information sheet

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