Software AG Enterprise Ehcache

Software AG’s Enterprise Ehcache Provides Performance at Any Scale

More Speed, More Scalability, More Reliability, Less Costs

Note: All functionality of Enterprise Ehcache is now provided in BigMemory. However, Software AG continues to provide support for Terracotta Enterprise Ehcache customers.
Enterprise Ehcache snaps into enterprise applications for a faster, easier, more broadly applicable approach to achieving high-performance scalability. Based on the de facto caching standard for enterprise Java, Enterprise Ehcache is an easy-to-deploy solution for hard-to-solve problems.

Some of the many benefits of Enterprise Ehcache include: ehcache diagram
  • Now with Search for Greater Value and Versatility
  • Faster Performance, Sustained Gains
  • Rapid, Easy Deployment
  • Effortless Unlimited Scale, Cost-Effective Growth, Cloud-Ready
  • Unified Solution for Transactions and Real-Time Analysis
  • Trusted Technology, Seamless Integration
  • Enterprise Grade
  • Snap-In Performance and Scale
  • High Availability
  • Full Platform Support
  • Enterprise Management and Control
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These include:
  • Enterprise Ehcache snaps into existing applications, letting you add scale and performance without overhauling your code or development practices.
  • The solution uses standard APIs and snaps into existing applications and infrastructure with minimal disruption.
  • Enterprise Ehcache works seamlessly with mainstream Java development frameworks and containers, both open source and commercial, including: JBOSS, Tomcat, Hetty, Glassfish, webLogig, webSphere
  • Ehcache is the de facto cache for enterprise Java, deployed in more than 500,000 installations worldwide.
  • It is also packaged with a variety of popular development frameworks, products and projects, including: Hibernate, Liferay, Coldfusion, Grails, Atlassian, SpringSource
  • Enterprise Ehcache is the ideal solution for need-it-now improvements in performance and scalability. You can turn on the power of distributed caching by changing just two lines of configuration.
  • There’s no need to rewrite your code or rip up your application.
  • In fact, many of our customers validate their use case within just a few days.
  • You can add BigMemory to Enterprise Ehcache with the same snap-in simplicity.
  • BigMemory gives your application even more speed and scalability by maximizing memory usage and local cache size.
For more information on download the information sheet

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