JBoss BPM Suite

JBoss BPM Suite Enables Automation and Orchestration

"JBoss BPM Suite builds on Red Hat's existing middleware portfolio and extends it further into enterprise environments by enabling them to not only build and integrate applications, but to automate them as well."
Ian Kinkade, CEO, Information Design, Inc

JBoss BPM Suite provides standards-based modeling, automation, simulation, and monitoring of business processes. It incorporates all the capabilities of JBoss BRMS, a powerful, easy-to-use business rules management system, with extensions for complex event processing that let businesses recognize and respond to events in real-time from social networks, blogs, and more.

JBoss BPM Suite has been designed to empower business and technical users to define and automate business processes, without compromising flexibility, or scalability. BRMS architecture diagram
  • Dashboards deliver real-time business activity monitoring (BAM) and reporting with key indicators to track process performance
  • Automatic rules-based decision support with real-time situational knowledge and contextualized events.
  • Enables collaboration during the entire process life cycle through a personalized and unified interface for both business and IT teams
  • Open source technology AND Cloud ready
  • Provides an easy pathway for business optimization
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The JBoss BPMS Suite capabilities include:
  • A model-driven approach to creating process models, data models and forms, and for creating advanced dashboards for Business Activity Monitoring (BAM).
  • Based in BPMN2
  • Simulations allow for efficient testing
  • Web-interface enabled data and forms management component
  • Sophisticated dashboards with drill-down capabilities by dragging and dropping graphics
  • Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite includes JBoss BRMS, a full business rules management system integrated with the design environment
  • Ability to expose its API and REST services
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