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Software AG’s webMethods OneData Enhances Data Management

Five Solutions, One Data Management Platform, Powered by Software AG Technology

webMethods OneData gives you five solutions in one Master Data Management (MDM) platform—right out of the box. You get multi-domain MDM. You can manage customer, reference and/or hierarchy data. You get an ISO11179 metadata registry and a comprehensive data governance framework.
In addition, Crossvale offers a process-driven approach to MDM so you can maximize process improvement.

Some of the many benefits of webMethods OneData include: AMQ arch diagram
  • Data Governance for the Entire MDM Lifecycle. OneData’s data governance framework is a process flow that supports the entire MDM life cycle for managing any kind of shareable enterprise data, including multi-domain master data, reference data, code sets, hierarchies and dimensions, and business metadata. At the core of OneData’s governance is an integrated data management process supporting model-based, rules-driven import for merging, data cleansing and matching, data validation, role-based security and stewardship controls. A highly collaborative, rules-driven workflow/approval process lets you create multiple routings and layers triggered by type of data change. Use corporate e-mail to communicate notifications and alerts. Data changes and user actions are audited to improve accountability.
  • Improvement of business processes. Because of its completeness—including multi-solution support, integrated data governance and trusted data deployment capabilities, OneData is a viable technology solution for any process-driven implementation.
  • webMethods OneData supports the three pillars for process-driven MDM. MDM is a business–driven discipline supporting process optimization or transformation. MDM program scope is directly driven by process optimization needs, and MDM investments are tied to and measured by process improvement ROI. MDM should follow a cross-disciplinary approach involving stakeholders from different functions or business areas impacted by the optimized process
  • With Software AG, you gain a complete process-driven MDM environment that spans business models, data models, process models, the MDM system and actual process execution.
  • Prime for Master Data Management provides a framework and guidelines for implementing MDM.
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These capabilities include:
  • Reconcile, cleanse and synchronize any master data
  • Eliminate data redundancies and errors across applications, databases and processes
  • Use with any other webMethods solution, such as BPM to improve workflow
As there are many components to OneData, please contact us for more information on Multidomain MDM, Customer Data Management, Reference Data Management and MetaData Registry. For more information on download the information sheet

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