Software AG Optimize for Process

Software AG’s Optimize for Process Enhances Operational Control

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Real-time Monitoring, Alerting and Analytics for Process KPIs.

Catch process problems in real-time—before they impact operations or customer service. With webMethods Optimize for Process, business activity is monitored “on the fly” to identify revenue-impacting problems as they occur.
Take action based on the facts! Optimize for Process is fully integrated with webMethods BPMS so you can make proactive changes to prevent breakdowns and increase your service levels. Optimize for Process is a Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) solution that gives you realtime, actionable insight into process activity. Real-time analysis complements historical business intelligence tools. Plus, business users can actively manage their own processes by defining rules and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor and analyze.

Some of the many benefits of Optimize for Process include: Opt for Proc diagram
  • Optimize performance with precise, up-to-the-minute infrastructure visibility
  • Prevent costly business disruptions with proactive alerts highlighting potential system problems before they occur
  • Reduce the “noise” and focus on the real issues via intelligent self-learning
  • Realize ROI faster with automated installation and configuration, dynamically assigned monitoring thresholds and pre-defined KPIs, rules and alerts
  • View the health of the entire solution from a single console. Data can be collected for all system components in a BPM solution.
  • Stay on top of your systems with alerts via the system management console
  • Monitor KPIs, such as:
    • Disk space thresholds
    • Online status
    • Requests per minute
    • Adapter queue lengths
    • VM Thread
    • Number of completed requests
    • Number of services completed
    • Number of service errors
    • Thread count
    • Memory usage
    • Number of load errors
    • Number of connects
    • Service thread limits
    • Cumulative run-time
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  • Since webMethods Optimize for Process is fully integrated with webMethods BPMS, you’ll enjoy a seamless user experience between modeling and monitoring tools.
  • The processes you monitor are the processes you built! Save time and prevent service issues with a single view of your operations.
  • webMethods Optimize for Process monitors each KPI and learns what is “normal” based on historical patterns, such as time-of-day and day-of-month.
  • Real-time, continuous process monitoring and analysis. Use built-in reporting and analysis capabilities to examine root causes of specific issues in real-time and uncover trends and patterns related to underlying process inefficiencies.
  • Early problem prediction. By monitoring end-to-end processes, webMethods Optimize for Process can identify deviations based on historical behavior. You’ll be able to head-off potential problems by knowing about imminent process errors and getting a recommended course of action defined by you.
For more information on Optimize for Process download the information sheet

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