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Software AG’s Presto: Dashboard Building Made Easy

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Mashups Made Easy: Point, Click, Mash, Done.

Presto from Software AG delivers real-time operational insight dashboards direct from live information sources. You can combine data from any original source—data warehouses, news feeds, social media, Business Intelligence (BI) systems, streaming big data and even Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets— to create real-time mashups for right-time decision-making.

Some of the many benefits of Presto include: Presto diagram
  • Combine fresh data from any source to create real-time mashups
  • Set up new apps and dashboards in hours—even minutes
  • Build a mashup once, run it anywhere—on portals, websites and mobile devices—with the look-and-feel of your platform
  • Measure continuous business impact with easy access to real-time KPIs and metrics
  • Rely less on IT—anyone can create a mashup and easily share it with anyone
  • Safe and secure—no data is stored on any device
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These include:
  • Presto combines data from any source for data visualizations in real- time. Accessing the original data business users respond to changing conditions as they happen. One of Presto’s strengths is the ability to accept unstructured data, like a social media feed, and keep it updated in real-time.
  • Presto’s “point-click-connect” assembly tool makes it easy to bring together and manipulate data from multiple existing systems into meaningful data visualizations. Simple, powerful data mashing means IT and power users can create new apps and dashboards in hours—even minutes—and share them faster than ever through the secure AppDepot.
  • Easy-to-use tools foster the real-time collaboration now critical to competitive advantage. Savvy business users create their own real-time interactive dashboards and share what they’ve done with less dependence on IT.
  • Presto’s apps capitalize on HTML5 to run anywhere in SharePoint, portals, websites and mobile devices with the look-and-feel of your platform. You can even simulate your app on each device as you’re building it and then save it specifically for laptop, tablet and/or smartphone. Optimized to offer the interactive qualities of mobile, “point-and-click” becomes “tap-and-drag.”
  • Not only can you connect live to any of your data sources, Presto’s design allows you to plug in custom or third-party components as well as embed Presto in your own application. Plus, real-time governance and security adhere to IT policies. And no data is stored on any device.
For more information on Presto download the information sheet

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