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Software AG’s Optimize for SAP Offers Real-Time Insights

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Providing Real-Time Metrics Monitoring Within and Across SAP Systems.

webMethods Optimize for SAP® Business Suite offers real-time insights into end-to-end SAP processes. This can be used with webMethods Integration Server and webMethods BPMS.
webMethods Optimize for SAP Business Suite is a Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) solution that gives business process managers instant, actionable insight into SAP processes, end-to-end. Unlike traditional BAM tools, Optimize leverages existing technology investments by integrating with SAP at the most granular business-event level, providing real-time metrics monitoring within and across SAP systems. Using Web-based dashboards, process managers can identify issues with automatic alerts and make improvements immediately.

Some of the many benefits of Optimize for SAP include: SAP
  • Gain actionable real-time visibility within SAP and across end-to-end processes
  • Use real-time problem reporting and alerting based on business metrics, without reliance on IT to run reports
  • Respond to process issues before they impact your performance
  • Count on a non-invasive approach to integration with SAP systems
  • Improve predictability of your order management process
  • Get up to speed quickly with built-in process models and KPIs for key SAP business processes
  • Use predictive analytics to pinpoint potential breakdowns before they occur
  • Use Optimize to monitor KPIs, such as:
    • Order volumes, amounts and cycle times.
    • Product backorders
    • Shipment delays
    • Order deadline management
    • Pricing and cost variances
    • Order defects
    • Order change analysis and lead time variability
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  • Ready-to-use process models and KPIs. Start monitoring—faster—by using preconfigured process-specific content, including process models, rules and KPIs.
  • Non-invasive IT-friendly architecture. Optimize leverages pre-existing SAP Business Events interfaces to communicate with SAP processes. This minimizes any impact to SAP system design or performance.
  • User-friendly, actionable information. You no longer need to wait for IT to run reports. With a complete view of the end-to-end process and contextual links to corrective actions, you can rapidly adjust to changing business conditions and optimize process performance.
  • Intelligent self-learning. webMethods Optimize monitors each KPI and learns what is “normal” based on historical patterns, such as time-of-day and day-of-month.
  • Real-time, continuous process monitoring and analysis. Use built-in reporting and analysis capabilities to examine root causes of specific issues and uncover trends and patterns related to underlying process inefficiencies.
  • Early problem prediction. By monitoring end-to-end processes, Optimize identifies deviations, which on their own may not impact the business but could combine to create a process breakdown. You’ll be able to head-off potential problems by knowing about imminent process errors and getting a recommended course of action.
For more information on Optimize for SAP download the information sheet

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