Software AG Quartz Scheduler

Software AG’s Quartz Scheduler Enhances Optimization of Scheduled Jobs

Control Where & When Jobs Execute.

Terracotta Quartz Scheduler is an enterprise-grade, commercial product that can be integrated with or used alongside virtually any Java® application—from the smallest app to the largest e-commerce system—to provide fast, flexible and extremely reliable job execution.

Some of the many benefits of Quartz Scheduler include: Quartz Scheduler
  • Match jobs to machines; for example, direct big jobs to machines with lots of processing power or data-intensive jobs to relevant nodes in a distributed cache
  • Optimally distribute thousands, even tens of thousands of jobs across a dispersed, heterogeneous cluster
  • Maximize the use of computing resources and in-memory data to run more jobs more efficiently
  • Effectively manage increasing workloads within a scaled-out architecture
  • Quartz Where is especially valuable in distributed, heterogeneous clusters with thousands of jobs.
  • Gain immediate visibility into job schedules, status and activity
  • Readily add or modify scheduling information
  • Manage thousands of jobs and multiple instances of Quartz Scheduler through a single interface
  • Simplify ongoing management of job scheduling and execution
These include:
  • View and maintain job scheduling information via an easy-to-use Web graphical user interface (GUI). Quartz Manager provides real-time monitoring and management for Quartz Scheduler.
  • Use Quartz Where to direct the right job to the right machine at the right time. Send jobs to specific machines based on machine name (user-defined node or node group) or machine resources (RAM, CPU or OS).