Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat OpenShift can Accelerate Digital Transformation through DevOps

It has been shown that with OpenShift there is an impressive 531% average five-year ROI with $1.29 Million average annual benefits per 100 developers per year

OpenShift is Red Hat's Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that allows developers to quickly develop, host, and scale applications in a cloud environment. With OpenShift you have a choice of offerings, including online, on-premise, and open source project options.

Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform provides a set of container-based open source tools enabling digital transformation, which accelerates application development while making optimal use of infrastructure. OpenShift architecture diagram
  • Enable development staff the ability to deliver more timely, hardened, functional applications and services
  • Require less Ops staff hours for ongoing deployment and management of applications
  • Improve line of business results and operational efficiency by meeting and exceeding ever-changing customer and end-user demands
  • Reduce cost of infrastructure
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Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform enables organizations to standardize and streamline developer workflows. IT organizations can provision quickly, build efficiently, and get apps to market faster.

OpenShift capabilities include:
  • Ability to run multiple languages, frameworks, and databases on the same platform
  • Ability to quickly and easily create applications on demand directly from the tools developers use most
  • The opportunity to deploy and run applications and microservices in an immutable, container-based platform based on Docker.
  • Automation of application builds, deployments, scaling, health management and more leveraging integrated components from Kubernetes
For more information on OpenShift please download the information sheet

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