Software AG Trading Networks

Software AG’s Trading Networks: An Enterprise Class B2B Gateway


Trading Networks is a scalable, easy-to-manage gateway that consolidates B2B transactions and connects enterprises with trading partners of all sizes, used with webMethods Integration Server.
Now you can have a single point of entry into your enterprise for all of your B2B transactions. webMethods Trading Networks is your scalable, easy-to-manage gateway for doing business electronically with customers, distributors and trading partners worldwide. This enterprise-class B2B gateway is built on webMethods Integration Server, our Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) that automates your B2B transactions, such as purchase requisitions, orders and invoices. Traditional ways of interacting with suppliers can be expensive, slow and error-prone. Trading Networks enables real-time, accurate information exchange—and helps you avoid expensive VAN (Virtual Area Network) usage fees. Plus, you can add on suppliers quickly and easily, thanks to extensive support for industry standards and data formats, such as XML, EDI and flat file documents.

Some of the many benefits of Trading Networks include: Trading Networks
  • Seamlessly grow trading communities by automating support for on-ramping of new trading partners, and easily managing growing communities of trading partners.
  • Achieve real-time B2B integration through comprehensive and robust standards, enabling real-time information exchange with businesses of any size and technical capability.
  • Consolidate deployments through a centralized B2B gateway for all trading partners, reducing infrastructure, people, training and operational costs.
  • Streamline trading partner management through webMethods Trading Networks, providing seamless real-time integration with external business partners.
  • Ensure reliable document transfer through secure EDI over the Internet using SSL, enabling complete migration of existing EDI VAN infrastructure to webMethods Trading Networks.
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These include:
  • Do business faster and more accurately with all your trading partners.
  • With webMethods Trading Networks, you can easily automate multi-business processes and exchange information with any trading partner in real-time.
  • Onboard partners faster and improve how you manage them by using a shared administrative infrastructure. For each partner, you can define:
    • All supported messaging transports
    • Document routing information
    • Processing information
    • Security certificates
    • Contact details
  • webMethods Trading Networks offers self-service capabilities to streamline this process as well as empower your partners to track and manage their own transactions.
  • Meet compliance requirements and assure top security with stringent role-based access. With webMethods Trading Networks, you can tightly control who sees trading partner profiles and the associated transaction data.
  • webMethods Trading Networks supports any document format and any messaging transport protocol so you can automate multi-business processes with any trading partner.
  • Create and process all types of document formats—from traditional EDI documents using X12 or UN/EDIFACT to those in an industry-specific XML format, to flat-file documents, such as spreadsheets.
  • Assure data accuracy and high quality, both critical to maintaining good trading partnerships.
  • You can work with any messaging transport protocol, including: Industry messaging transports, such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP and EDIINT and specialized standards, such as RNIF, ebXML, SOAP and more.
  • Processing rules help simplify your B2B integrations. You can define and execute B2B processes based on criteria, such as document type and message payload, to maximize standardization, efficiently re-use assets and reduce the headaches of point-to-point integrations.
  • Reduce errors and inefficiencies by implementing consistent and re-usable document processing rules. Processing rules provide flexibility in your partner communications and ensure consistent and reliable data.
  • Your application developers can define rules for document processing based on document and/or partner criteria to ensure the correct processing of data. Flexible processing logic options include service invocation, polling, scheduling and more.
  • Built on webMethods Integration Server, webMethods Trading Networks provides graphical mapping, orchestration and testing tools, as well as a library of pre-built transformation services.
  • Quickly tie your B2B processes to your back-end systems and orchestrate your B2B processes via the webMethods Integration Server.
  • Because Trading Networks is built directly on top of the webMethods Integration Server, you can easily integrate existing services, applications and other data sources using Web services or the suite of webMethods Adapters.
  • Whether it is for the daily management of your business or to support security or compliance initiatives, you need a record of the information that flows through your B2B gateway.
  • webMethods Trading Networks provides the ability to capture all of your message transaction data in a centralized audit log.
  • You can access the log easily anytime, whether the data is new or has been archived last month or last year.
For more information on Trading Networks download the information sheet

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