Software AG webMethods

Software AG’s webMethods Suite Enhances IT Agility

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Increase your enterprise’s agility with software that makes it incredibly easy to create process-driven situational and case management applications. Deliver process control to the business while allowing IT to drive innovation.
wmdiagwebMethods increases agility by providing software to integrate systems, services and devices, as well as partner, in-house, cloud and legacy data. Using webMethods, companies can create new agile applications while leveraging existing IT investments to respond faster to change. What you can do with the webMethods suite:

Integrate Anything with Everything

  • Connect any system or application silo with plug-and-play ease
  • Share data across systems
  • Link mobile and SaaS apps securely with enterprise systems
  • Use a single B2B gateway for connecting all trading partners
  • Extend information and apps to employees, customers and partners anywhere
Innovate Faster
  • Re-use services and systems to accelerate time to market
  • Adapt quickly to new and changing business needs—like new regulations,mergers, mobile apps and cloud integration
  • Fuel new innovations with API management, service enablement and governance
  • Exploit mobile opportunities across your infrastructure
Reduce Costs and Risks
  • Re-use existing assets to lower TCO
  • Say goodbye to high costs and complexity of point-to-point integrations
  • Eliminate redundant or unneeded systems from acquired companies
  • Improve risk management and regulatory compliance with one version of shared data