Internet of Things

Crossvale has partnered with RedHat to provide a fast, intuitive IoT solution which can analyze live, operational data to get the most out of your real world sensors and telemetry.

The untapped potential of this technology can put businesses "ahead of the curve" competitively, being able to act and react immediately to current situations by gaining information in real time.

Build, connect, secure and integrate IoT apps using familiar open source technologies that scale with your growing data and deployments.

  • Ingest big data and make it available for analysis nearly instantly
  • Perform streaming analytics on a heterogeneous set of data sources
  • Discover patterns in the data to reveal insights relevant to business challenges and opportunities
  • Automate intelligent actions based on complex rules specific to each situation
  • Extract maximum knowledge, value and competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Provide visual alerts and visual dashboards to support fast decision making

  • Live Data
  • Faster Insights
  • Data Paralleled In-Memory<
  • A Simple and Intuitive Interface
  • Operational Intelligence
  • Customer-Impacting Output