Cluster Maintenance + PodOps

Want more out of your OpenShift Managed Service Provider?

Cluster maintenance + PodOps

In today’s market where customer experience is as valued as innovation, it is vital that business focus on delivering applications not the infrastructure on which they are built.

To enable this, you need a solution provider that not only will maintain your clusters but also understand the potential gap between the infrastructure and AppDev We call this PodOps.

Crossvale can deliver complete managed services for your OpenShift environment on all layers and on any infrastructure; Cloud, Hybrid, OnPrem even bare metal. 

What’s more we tune and optimize the workloads for these mixed environments ensuring you can you’re your complete focus on the applications that drive your business forward.

Cluster maintenance

Crossvale’s award winning OpenShift Operations Team will maintain your clusters or use us for a subset of clusters. (Example: ROSA in the Cloud and Crossvale on Prem)

Cluster Maintenance:

  • ensures the Cluster is Healthy and Running?
  • brings the capabilities to make sure the Platform is successfully being maintained.

Main Responsibilities

  • Upgrading/Updating OpenShift minimizing downtime
  • Setting up Quotas and Limits Ranges in OCP
  • Adding node Hosts to an Existing cluster
  • Managing Persistent volumes (PV) and Persistent volume claims (PVC)
  • Providing access to users to new Projects and permissions.
  • Using Ansible playbooks to automate the tasks on OpenShift for upgrading, Deployment, Installation and Managing Container images.
  • Administration of LVM for Docker storage, Extending, Resizing.
  • Patch management and OS upgrades using online and offline method.
  • Automated Pruning of OpenShift Artifacts, Builds, Deployments and Images
Remember: You will still be responsible to have an SME that can solve complex workload issues and know how to correct the platform or workloads to fix them. This is why you need a Managed PodOps Service

Who manages your clusters?

Your Ops Team, Cloud MSP or Hybrid Management.

Managed PodOps Services

Dynamically solve the responsibility gap between Containerized Application Teams and Container Orchestration Operations Team.  PodOps provides the advanced services needed above the fully managed services providers, like ROSA, ARO or Dedicated.

PodOps Solves:

  • What it takes for your workloads to work with the platform and perform.
  • Brings the expertise to work with your Ops and Application teams to understand the ways the application / Platform can be tuned to improve performance.


Some Insights

  • 22% do not know they need to do this.
  • 41% assume someone else is doing this, and it not getting done or not getting done well.
  • 29% continue to pay expensive Consultant because they know they need it help and don’t know there is another option.
  • 8% Have the skills and do this exceptionally well.

Main Responsibilities

  • Advanced Cluster Oversight
  • Dynamic Workload Tuning
  • Proactive Issue Resolution
  • Standardize Workload Onboarding
  • Distributed Tracing
  • Workload Deployment Oversight
  • Container Native Data Encryption (Zettaset)

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