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Next Gen Banking Platform:
Core Banking Migration Unleashed

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Next Gen Banking Platform:
Core Banking Migration Unleashed

The Next-Generation Banking Modernization Solution webinar by Crossvale is designed for mid-size bank executives who are facing challenges in acquiring and retaining the next generation of customers in today’s dynamic banking landscape.

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Webinar Agenda
Introduction (5 minutes) 
    • Welcome and opening remarks 
    • Brief overview of the webinar’s objectives 
The Evolving Banking Industry and Specific Challenges for Mid-Size Banks (10 minutes) 
    • Understanding the current landscape and dynamics of the banking industry 
    • Highlighting the unique challenges faced by mid-size banks 
    • Discussing the erosion of the younger customer base and its implications 
    • Exploring the rising cost to address disputes and its impact on profitability 
    • Examining changing customer requirements and the need for adaptation 
    • Addressing the challenges posed by the churn to FinTech platforms 
Consequences of Delaying Modernization Initiatives (10 minutes) 
    • Identifying the potential risks and drawbacks of postponing modernization 
    • Discussing the impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty 
    • Highlighting the risk of falling behind competitors in the market 
Latest Banking-Focused Studies and Their Implications (10 minutes) 
    • Exploring relevant studies and research in the banking industry 
    • Discussing key findings and insights from recent reports 
    • Identifying emerging trends and customer expectations 
The Crucial Role of Choosing the Right Solution Provider (10 minutes) 
    • Understanding the significance of a suitable solution provider in modernization  
    • Exploring the key factors to consider when selecting a partner 
    • Emphasizing the importance of a comprehensive and future-proof solution 
Q&A and Discussion (5 minutes) 
    • Opening the floor for participants to ask questions and share their insights 
    • Facilitating a discussion around the challenges and potential solutions 
    • Addressing specific concerns and providing expert advice