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Workload Modernization

Seamlessly Transition Your Applications to Containers: Modernize and Elevate Your Business with Containerization Excellence.

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The sense of urgency is definitely growing, and finding the right solution provider with a robust accelerator and extensive experience is paramount in 2024. Legacy systems have become significant obstacles to innovation and scalability, prompting your organization to prioritize modernization efforts. Migrating applications to containers, however, comes with its own set of challenges, including compatibility issues and the need for specialized expertise. Nevertheless, you recognize that containerization is essential for long-term competitiveness.

In response to this pressing need, you are prepared to invest in modernization efforts. You understand that doing so will not only provide agility and scalability but also result in significant cost savings in the long run. While the transition to containerization may seem daunting, you recognize its importance in staying relevant and competitive in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. You are actively seeking a way to accelerate this journey, achieve quick wins, and reduce both your risks and costs.

Modernize Your Environment in 3 Steps


Step 1

Identify the workloads to modernize

Start by choosing which workloads are best suited for modernization. This decision is crucial for efficient resource allocation, risk management, strategic alignment, and cost- effectiveness


Step 2

Match the right solution to each workload

Understand the specific needs of your workloads and choose the platform engineering solutions that fit them best. This step ensures customization, compatibility, scalability, and performance optimization.


Step 3

Operationalize your workload performance

Leveraging strategic processes, cutting-edge tools, and implementing proactive maintenance and dynamic tuning to maximize productivity, streamline operations, and ensure peak efficiency.

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Crossvale™: An award-winning IT solutions provider and trusted member of vendor advisory committees, driving automation and commercial growth.

Containerization Mastery: Clients adopting containerization solutions from Crossvale™ reported a 50% improvement in application deployment speed and agility, streamlining their operations.

Downtime Reduction: Our clients experienced a 75% decrease in system downtime, resulting in uninterrupted service availability and improved customer satisfaction.

Efficiency Boost: Our solutions reduced manual tasks by up to 70%, resulting in a 45% improvement in overall operational efficiency.

Customer Satisfaction: 94% of our clients reported increased satisfaction and confidence in their IT operations after employing PodOps Pro℠ by Crossvale™.

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Time for action is NOW

It’s time to act now, and Crossvale™ is the answer. With our unique accelerators and unparalleled experience, we offer a level of expertise that cannot be found elsewhere.

Addressing the current challenges and leveraging the available opportunities requires immediate and strategic action. Delaying any further could result in missed chances and a more complex path ahead. Embracing this solution is not just about making the right choice; it’s about making it at the right time to achieve the best possible outcomes, and Crossvale™ is your trusted partner in this journey.

Frequently asked questions

Platform Engineering is a holistic approach that integrates infrastructure, automation, containerization, DevOps, security, and self-service developer experiences to create a streamlined and efficient IT ecosystem. It’s important for businesses as it enhances agility, accelerates digital transformation, and ensures IT aligns with business goals.

Platform Engineering differs by focusing on end-to-end integration, automation, and self-service, as opposed to siloed, manual, and fragmented IT processes. It emphasizes collaboration and efficiency across all IT components.

Businesses can expect benefits like accelerated application deployment, reduced downtime, increased operational efficiency, enhanced security, improved compliance, and better alignment with business objectives.

Platform Engineering empowers developers with self-service capabilities, allowing them to provision resources, manage applications, and automate workflows. This boosts developer productivity, shortening development cycles.

Yes, Platform Engineering principles can benefit organizations of all sizes and industries. It’s adaptable and scalable, making it relevant for a wide range of business needs.

Containerization is a key component of Platform Engineering, providing a consistent environment for applications to run across different platforms. It enhances flexibility, scalability, and portability of applications.

Platform Engineering incorporates security tools and best practices from the ground up, ensuring that security is integrated into every aspect of the IT ecosystem. This proactive approach reduces vulnerabilities and enhances overall security.

Platform Engineering can be implemented incrementally, allowing organizations to gradually adopt its principles and practices. It’s adaptable to existing systems, making it feasible for gradual transformation.

The ROI of Platform Engineering varies depending on the organization, but many businesses report significant cost savings, increased revenue, and improved operational efficiency within the first year of implementation.

To get started with Platform Engineering, businesses should assess their current IT ecosystem, identify pain points and goals, and consider partnering with experienced consultants or providers who specialize in Platform Engineering solutions.

Crossvale specializes in implementing Platform Engineering solutions tailored to each organization’s unique needs. With years of expertise, they offer guidance and support throughout the transformation process.

PodOps Pro, developed by Crossvale, is a crucial component of Platform Engineering. It provides a dynamic operational framework that streamlines containerized application management, ensuring efficient operations aligned with Platform Engineering principles.

Shift Basics for COTS is a consulting service offered by Crossvale. It specializes in efficiently building container environments, providing a solid foundation for developing and implementing Platform Engineering processes. This service ensures a smooth transition to containerization, a fundamental component of effective Platform Engineering.

Shift Mastery for Applications is a comprehensive consulting product by Crossvale. It builds upon the foundation set by Shift Basics for COTS by incorporating GitOps tools and processes. This integration empowers organizations to efficiently manage application deployments while adhering to Platform Engineering principles.

Shift Mastery for Applications takes Platform Engineering to the next level by introducing GitOps tools and practices. This results in more streamlined and automated application deployment processes, further aligning IT operations with Platform Engineering goals.

Yes, Shift Mastery for Applications is highly adaptable and can be customized to meet the unique needs and objectives of each organization. Crossvale works closely with clients to tailor the solution accordingly.

By combining Shift Mastery for Applications with Platform Engineering, businesses can anticipate benefits such as faster application deployment, increased operational efficiency, improved version control, enhanced security, and more streamlined GitOps processes.

While prior experience with GitOps is beneficial, it is not a requirement. Crossvale’s consultants are experienced in guiding organizations through the implementation of GitOps tools and processes, ensuring a smooth transition for those new to the concept

Containerization is a transformative approach to software deployment, revolutionizing how applications are packaged and executed. It offers a range of benefits that make it a game-changer in modern IT operations and infrastructure management:

  • Cost-Effective: Optimizes resource usage, reducing infrastructure costs.
  • Efficient Scaling: Enables easy scaling to handle varying workloads.
  • Resource-Efficient: Shares host resources for faster deployment.
  • DevOps Friendly: Fosters a DevOps culture, speeding up software delivery.
  • Portability: Works consistently across different environments.
  • Enhanced Security: Provides isolation to bolster security.
  • Automation: Automates deployment and management, reducing manual effort.
  • Market Adoption: Widely adopted by leading tech companies.
  • Future-Proof: Aligns with trends like edge computing and sustainability.