Rethink How You Manage Containers
with PodOps for OpenShift

Are you Ready To Rethink OpenShift Managed Services?

Regardless of how complex or standard your OpenShift Container Platform environments are there are endless challenges you are managing. When you add critical workloads and the need for 24/7/365 reliability, things can become overwhelming.

Many organizations don’t foresee the challenges associated with new technology and so planning becomes an unknown risk. Crossvale will reduce this risk from day zero by delivering an extension to your team with the knowledge you will need to be successful.  We have plans to fit your challenges, SLAs, and hours.

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Whether you are new, experienced, or mature in your OpenShift Container Platform operational efficiency, you require reliability, stability, controlled innovation, and efficient use of budget. You don’t settle for limitations, restrictions and lack of control in your daily decisions. Crossvale PodOps for OpenShift, enables your organization to be Zero to Confident in days without the risk of hiring expensive OpenShift SMEs.

PodOps supports Operations, DevOps and Application Teams, so your organization understands how to make dynamic decision that get results.

Your OpenShift environment is operated by Crossvale, with resources dedicated to you, like an extension of your operations team. Leaving you to focus on ensuring your IT is providing the results your customers want.

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PodOps for OpenShift
the only Managed Solution
that addresses all 12 issues IT Professionals are
challenged with today.


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Immediate and permanent offload of work tasks you and your team are responsible for on DAY 1.


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Experts on your side monitoring, patching and advising up to 24x7x365 to protect against anomalies inside and outside your organization.


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We are responsible for maintaining the skill of your Complete Operational Managed Service Team. Improve staff and knowledge retention.


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Customer Experience is paramount in a digital transformation, our team proactively and reactively (through your ticketing system) supports your internal and external customer’s needs.


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Do not get locked in to any one Cloud. We manage your clusters anywhere and anytime and help deliver the best ROI.


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We are responsible for providing the expert staff to maintain the quality of YOUR clusters, you are left to focus on staffing for your business


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Fixed annual costs ensures you can deliver on quality and price. Consumption based pricing means you pay for what you use!


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Reporting, advising, planning and performance tuning are all part of the service, we help you find innovative ways to cut your cost. Ask about our Cloud Balancer service. It can save you up to 80% of your cloud cost.


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Advice on architecture and tools to help you get more from your clusters, we support a best of breed approach to make sure you understand options you may not know are available. Our interaction with many clusters globally gives us a unique perspective to solve your problems.


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We are an automation-first provider, we bring proprietary automation with us and it is our goal to design custom automation to completely rebuild your ecosystem in minutes.


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You will have your own OpenShift technical lead assigned to your account, think of this person as your Technical Account Manager, they are responsible for the smooth operation of your technical solutions.


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We don’t take credit for the work we do, our exceptional Complete Operational Managed Service will give you the information you need to proactively be ahead of the demands your stakeholders will place on you, your informed decisions, your credit for success.

Why You Need PodOps For OpenShift


Repeatable proven design that is small to get started but provides easy to scale as the workloads grow on the platform. We will then build all the components of the MVP in whatever infrastructure you specified.


Unique capability to offer configuration advice to meet changing needs. Performance tuning and testing to ensure you are getting the best for your business. We help you to understand how to get the platform to work for you - not the other way around.


Expert mentorship to your team to help you understand how to use your OpenShift ecosystem to meet your goals. You will learn to understand the ecosystem to fully enable other technologies, culture, compliance and governance to work with it.


The greatest value OpenShift is going to provide you is how it helps your application teams and 3rd party platforms teams to do more in less time. We provide expert personnel to help your teams gain advantages found with OpenShift in how you code, test, integrate, use your pipeline and deploy to production.


Our Pipeline & Application Innovation Services team supports you in maintaining and improving your CICD, coding and deployment models. Our enablement team works with you upfront to help you plan the evolution of your ecosystem, so you understand what to expect and how to be ready for upcoming projects in your pipeline.


The larger your ecosystem gets and the more critical your workloads get, the more important it is to make sure you have a well-oiled machine that is continuously proactively providing you with the oversight you need to sleep well at night. As well cluster and node health, we continuously run more than 30-point screening checks every single day. Our enablement team will work with you upfront to help you plan the evolution of your ecosystem, so you understand what to expect and how to be ready for upcoming projects in your pipeline.
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Ready To Rethink OpenShift Managed Services?