Business Demands

Keeping up with Business Demands , is it a Herculean task?

This business pain is similar to IT agility in that it pertains to the alignment between a business and its IT infrastructure; however, business demands are internal not external stimuli.

The challenge of keeping up with business demands may be the most common one across industries. In a recent survey of 800 global businesses, more than 34% of executives viewed their relationship with IT as distrustful, combative or "siloed". Static architectures can be one cause of this breakdown, with lack of cross-functional collaboration, communication and vision-sharing also being contributing factors.

In reviewing how effectively Business Demands are met within an enterprise, these questions are often asked:

The compilation of such strategies are crucial in aligning IT portfolios to business strategies and the required demands. Moreover, managing the collision potential between different IT portfolios should be examined. Crossvale can provide a solution to help with managing changes to IT portfolios in a consistent and transparent manner. The solution can also expose dependencies and impacts between different IT portfolios—current and future.

This speaks to the relationships between functional areas. IT should be viewed positively if there is a strong alignment between business and IT

It seems like a simple question, yet for large enterprises, this can be an arduous task in itself. Fortunately, there are platforms that can help with this task, enabling the decision-makers to make fast, well-informed decisions that improve performance across the board.