Big Data Solutions

Big In-Memory Computing and Storage can produce Big Results

With the rise of "big data," the handling of massive volumes of structured and unstructured data is changing how businesses operate - for the better.

Big memory handling is known for its low latency and the ability to scale up to 100s of terabytes and with the ability to leverage cloud based storage systems, it can be the scalable solution for all data storage. As big data capacities are a constantly moving target (growing to petabytes of data), big data technologies have to be equipped to be able to capture, manage, curate and process large volumes of diverse, complex datasets.
At Crossvale we can provide a data solution that can be configured to meet your data consistency requirements.

How and Why?

With so many options, and customizations possible, Crossvale will be there every step of the way to bring your project over a century of combined experience. Our technical leadership is a must have for the fastest, most stable implementations.
Our big data solutions offer:
- Extremely low, predictable latency at scale.
- Freedom to use all the RAM on your servers, without garbage collection pauses or expensive tuning.
- Reusable interfaces for future initiatives.
- Quick restart after maintenance or other hardware downtime.
- Configurable data consistency.
- Sonic Speeds – 100 times faster than disk-based storage.
- Higher throughput.
- Real-Time processing – for when seconds count.
- Takes advantage of plunging memory prices.