Customized Solutions Delivery

Custom Solutions can Increase Competitiveness, Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity

Whether it be providing a dashboard to provide up-to-date metrics or a complete UI-to-backend multi-tiered solution, Crossvale has the experience and the knowledge on how to help customers with the myriad of challenges in utilizing continuously emerging enterprise technologies. At Crossvale we realize that there is rarely a "one-size-fits-all" product or solution. Our strength in delivering customized solutions comes from experience and knowledge that has been gained through working closely with business-leaders in a variety of industries. Leveraging this knowledge and a wide selection of products allows us to design and deliver highly customized, scalable and technologically advanced solutions.
We are a firm believer in the notion that business drives and that a business organization's objectives is the light in which technology-oriented decisions are made and we always keep this in mind with our clients - your business is our number one priority.

How and Why?

Crossvale has earned a customer reputation for outstanding performance across over 40 states and 20 countries, establishing thorough expertise at transforming technologies with best practices into measurable business improvements. As well as delivering customized solutions, Crossvale has years of experience in leveraging the Agile methodology, ensuring quick, relevant, and targeted deliveries. We have experienced project managers, who can run your projects, as well as ScrumMasters who can lead your Agile development teams. Crossvale is also capable of teaming with your current Project Managers and guiding them through the process of implementing a project using the Agile Methodology.
Creating a customized solution that is scalable and maintainable can sometimes be a major undertaking, depending on the size of the enterprise and the application. We have successfully delivered solutions of varying sizes, both large and small, all of which were treated with the same level of importance.
Crossvale can provide consultations to determine whether we would be the right fit to help with your business pain. Please contact us for a consultation and we would be happy to talk with you.