Software AG Process Performance Manager

Software AG’s Process Performance Manager Analyzes Business Processes

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Monitor and Analyze the Performance and Structure of Business Processes Automatically to Identify Best Practices and Specific Optimization Measures.

Key business performance indicators suggest your processes are not operating at maximum efficiency. But where do you begin efforts to refine them? The ERP environment? CRM? The systems in between? Without a clear understanding of each business process—not just at the design or implementation level but at the detailed execution level—you have no real insight into the root causes of inefficiencies.Find the bottlenecks and close the gaps with process performance monitoring. Without visibility into processes, options for process improvement are limited. You could simply rip and replace large sections of IT. Alternately, you could engage an army of consultants and spend millions to have them tell you that you need to optimize your processes. Or you could deploy Software AG Process Performance Manager (PPM), which can provide you with a clear understanding of your business processes and workflows at the actual execution level. And with that insight, you can determine what steps you need to take to improve overall process performance.

Some of the many benefits of Process Performance Manager include: AMQ arch diagram
  • Discover end-to-end processes automatically across your ERP, CRM and other systems
  • Monitor and analyze the performance and structure of business processes
  • Identify best practices and specific optimization measures
  • Optimize team and collaboration structures
  • Easily analyze variations in standard processes
  • Effortlessly model as-is processes that provide real-life visualization of processes
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These include:
  • Software AG PPM automatically generates a graphical representation of business workflows based on actual process data that it extracts from your operational IT systems. The graphics reconstruct each process from start to finish-not as they should be, but as they are, which is the crucial insight you need for planning process improvements.
  • From the graphical representation of your process model you can commence a detailed structural analysis of the process. The model identifies clearly the most important paths and activities in your processes, and Software AG PPM provides powerful analytical tools with which you can identify process weaknesses (such as lengthy processing times and high costs) and problem causes. You can drill into process details interactively and analyze the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) associated with any process via interactive filter components. Because the analytical tools in Software AG PPM take advantage of in-memory computing technologies, even large volumes of process information can be analyzed and manipulated in real-time, helping you gain clear insights quickly.
  • Software AG PPM supports internal process benchmarking, enabling you to compare process performance across regions, customer groups, internal organizations and other entities. You can compare KPIs such as throughput times and process costs among different regions, for example, or the complexity of the process structures behind these key figures. With clear insight into the state of your processes, you can identify areas where best practices and specific optimization measures can add immediate value.
  • Software AG PPM can help you understand the relationships between organizational units, employees and process execution and provide a more nuanced understanding of where and how to refine the process execution environment to achieve the results you seek
For more information on Process Performance Manager download the information sheet

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