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Software AG’s Business Strategy enhances Strategy Management

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Ignited Strategy Management, Powered by Software AG Technology

Evaluate your company’s as-is status and performance. Then design and implement the right strategies while keeping organizational structures and processes in mind. This extension pack for ARIS Architect & Designer enables you to bridge the gap between strategy definition, performance management and organizational structures.
Design strategy models to support management decisions, plan and implement a balanced scorecard system and define the scope of Six Sigma® projects. Aris Business Strategy is used for process transformation; IT transformation; IT architecture management; application portfolio management; Six Sigma projects; business model innovation projects (by Osterwalder) and SWOT analysis.

Some of the many benefits of Business Strategy include: sm pic
  • Perform strategic analysis and investigate your market position
  • Use as-is and to-be scenarios to help top-level managers make the right strategic decisions
  • Benchmark your business performance compared to competitors to identify business challenges
  • Derive critical success factors for your strategy
  • Easily communicate your strategy among different stakeholders
  • Improve performance planning and implementation using balanced scorecards
  • Run and plan Lean and Six Sigma® initiatives to improve the quality of your business processes
  • Provide key metrics via dashboards to your top-level managers
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These include:
  • Provide key metrics via dashboards to your top-level managers
  • Describe key activities, partners and resources, value propositions, customer relationships, customer segment channels, cost structures and revenue streams
  • Create organizational models using value chain diagrams and organizational charts
  • Used for strategic planning and management system to align business activities with your company’s strategy and monitor organizational performance against strategic goals
  • Define and measure your balanced scorecard via cause-and-effect diagrams, KPI allocation diagrams and signal lights to indicate your organization’s current performance
  • Rapidly implement an enterprise-wide balanced scorecard
  • Supplier, Input, Process, Output, Customer (SIPOC) is a Six Sigma method of identifying all the relevant elements in a particular process
  • Input/output combinations are assessed, and input and output be highlighted in all associated process models
  • Define your company’s strategy across all required facts using the business segment matrix and KPI allocation model
  • Save time with templates for strategy diagrams, strategy allocation diagrams and SWOT diagram
  • Diagrams are linked and repository-based to create a single source of truth, assuring strategy modeling is ready for future use-not just for short-term presentations
  • Create project documents, such as RASCI charts, to help identify various roles and highlight their involvement
For more information on Business Strategy download the information sheet

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