JBoss Data Virtualization

JBoss Data Virtualization Helps Simplify Data Use

Data is the raw material of business - an economic input almost on par with capital and labor. Data needs to be made easily consumable by people who need it to advance the business.

Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization is a comprehensive platform that enables agile data use. It hides complexities, like the true locations of data or the mechanisms required to access or merge it. Data becomes easier for developers and users to work with.

JBoss Data Virtualization is a technology that allows applications to use data from multiple heterogeneous data sources. JBoss Data Virtualization comprises tools and runtime services for creating and executing bi-directional data services. AMQ arch diagram
  • Access data from multiple, heterogeneous data sources
  • Easily create reusable, business friendly virtual data models and views by combining and transforming data
  • Make unified data easily consumable through open standards interfaces
  • Better control and security of information
  • Increase return on assets
  • Reduced development costs
  • More efficient use of all enterprize data
For more information on JBoss Data Virtualization please download the information sheet.

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The JBoss Data Virtualization Capabilities include:
  • Consolidates data into a single view
  • Centralized access control and auditing
  • Enables lean data integration, offering comprehensive data abstraction, federation, transformation, and delivery capabilities
  • Allows connectivity with any SQL (JDBC/ODBC) and Web Services (REST/SOAP) based data sources including support for Hadoop, NoSQL, and SaaS data integration along with all major enterprise RDBMS, Data Warehouses and files
  • The virtual data model delivers a complete view of master and transactional data in real time.
For more information on JBoss Data Virtualization please download the information sheet

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