JBoss Fuse Service Works

JBoss Fuse Service Works is a Lightweight Service Delivery Framework

"Using JBoss Enterprise Middleware has greatly improved our work. By vastly improving the speed of data integration, customer information is now shared in real time. This shared knowledge allows us to offer a better quality of response to our customers."
Laurent Savage, Proejct Devision Manager, Vilogia

JBoss Fuse Service Works is Red Hat’s middleware solution for application integration, messaging, SOA, and service governance requirements. It combines the core ESB technology from JBoss Fuse and technical innovations from popular open source communities like SwitchYard and Overlord. This comparision sheet gives information how much savings can be made by using fuse service works.

Red Hat® JBoss® Fuse Service Works is a platform that creates reusable, changeable, and flexible business services that hide the complexity of connecting to different applications in your enterprise. It sets the stage for faster and easier cloud apps, mobile apps, and business process development projects. FSW arch diagram
  • Ability to connect to all enterprise assets for automated solutions
  • Increase business agility and faster times to solutions
  • Improve IT responsiveness
  • Easier and faster mobile and BPM projects
  • Easier transition to open hybrid cloud architecture
For more information on JBoss Fuse Service Worls please download the information sheet.

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The JBoss Fuse Service Works Capabilities include:
  • Integrate applications and services, handle business events, and automate business processes more efficiently.
  • Create reusable and flexible business services.
  • View the business service metrics and proactively respond for efficient operations.
  • Use the popular, pattern-based Apache Camel integration framework to easily integrate and connect to your heterogeneous apps, systems, and services on premise or in the cloud.
  • Control the life cycle of business services—from design to development to deployment—while adhering to defined policies and promoting reuse.
  • Avoid vendor lock-in and significantly cut your total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Enable Service orchestration
  • Easier web service and REST implementations
For more information on JBoss Fuse Service Works please download the information sheet

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