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Improving the customer experience

The future of banking will look very different from today. Delighting customers with speedy, accurate responses and next best actions is an essential capability.

Enterprise-wide innovation is required to compete with the likes of Apple, PayPal, Quicken Loans, Monzo, and even the likes of companies like Amazon, Facebook and Walmart, as well as other digital disruptors whose presence is seeping into virtually every industry.

IDC estimates that “globally the banking industry is spending almost $120 billion annually to provide better omni-channel and improved payment experiences.

Beyond that, over two-thirds of bank leaders identified that they are using the Cloud to develop innovative new cloud-native apps for external facing interactions and customer experiences. IDC: “Improving the Customer Experience: The top objective for financial innovation”

Modernization that creates business value is complex. It requires a modern technology toolbox for innovation.

It requires agility. It requires expertise. It doesn’t have to be done alone.

"Your Journey, Your Vision, Our Leadership"


Employee Facing Systems:

Call Center, Back Office, Audit and Research

Customer Facing Systems:

Online Banking, Mobile, Online Account Origination

Service Layers:

Enterprise Service Bus, Business Processes

Capabilities Projects:

“Change the Bank”

Are you Ready to Rethink Modernization?



Standard Frameworks | Simple Assessment | Project Driven Modernization

Let us help kickstart your strategic Modernization Journey

Crossvale’s Enterprise Modernization Journeys are focused on a top-down approach to modernization, using Crossvale’s Modernization Reference Architecture.  We have found three strategic initiatives which are driving modernization in the enterprise and we provide an expert framework to:

  • Learn: What’s your big Vision?
  • Understand: Where are you today?
  • Assess: What are your capability gaps?
  • Design: Prioritize your projects using Crossvale’s Modernization Reference Architecture
  • Implement: Pick your Implementation Path
  • Maintain: We support what we build 
  • Grow: Partner for success

Where is your first step?

Migration Support


Position for growth

Phased core migration, without disruption to channel systems

Infrastructure for re-use

Consistent data model

Arch Expansion


Broaden your offerings

Enterprise Service Layers

Create unified service layer with messaging standards

Business Process Modeling

Reduce integration points and total calls from multiple systems

Microservice architecture

MSA RESTful containerized services Support for rapid delivery of innovation

Cap Enablement


Examples of innovation success

Implement CICD pipeline allowing for Agile methodologies

Customer 360 Applications

XV Panorama Reference Architecture Single "pane of glass" to manage multiple customer systems - reduce response times, delight the customer

Online Account Origination

Modern responsive OAO Credit applications workflows Reduce client origination and on-boarding times


Success stories

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At a Sunbelt bank ranked in the top 25 largest US commercial banks

Outcome: Improved customer service and in-branch workflow by reducing the number of systems required for daily operations

Consolidated 17 applications into 1 with unified web based framework reducing support needs and deployment efforts.

Reduced in-branch on-boarding time, by over 600%, to under 10 mins.

Improved time to onboard existing customer to new products to under 4 minutes, down from 25 minutes.

Reduced training time, development costs and feature time-to-market.

Resolved a number of expensive legal compliance issues.

A regional community oriented bank in the
Pacific Northwest

Outcome: Integrated source of online and mobile banking functionality. No rework required in the online banking platform during customer and account migration to the new core banking system. Reusable microservices increasingly incorporated into other banking channels.

New green-field ESB service layer - “migration aware” in preparation for core migration.

Problem: Customer data spread across decentralized and disparate systems. Access to multiple systems required for a complete customer profile.

Solution: Integration Service layer to provide single point of contact for access to functionality: single protocol, transport and security model. External 3rd party systems integration through services layer and exposed along-side internal system functionality.

A leading regional financial services company in the
South-East USA

Delinquent Loan Recovery Optimization.

Success: Business Process Improvement.

Implemented a web application for agents who call customers with delinquent loans. The loans system provides a daily file of delinquent loans for agents to call. Web application layers business logic over the call list to prioritize calls based on bank objectives/campaigns to improve efficiency and effectiveness of agents. Calls are automatically assigned to agents when they are available. Agents have a single page with all the information related to the customer and loan(s), to make the call and keep track of the results. Web application tracks statistics of calls per day and per agent by campaign completion to measure performance.

A leading regional financial services company in the
South-East US

Outcome: a 40% increase in successful collections, achieved with zero increase in the number of staff.

Delivered a “Loan Revenue Recovery” solution.

Solved the problem loan collection agents were facing caused by using multiple applications and tools by automating and integrating workflows.

Are you Ready to Rethink Modernization?