Embracing Change: Crossvale Clarifies Red Hat’s Pricing Adjustments for Customers

Embracing Change: Crossvale Clarifies Red Hat’s Pricing Adjustments for Customers

Crossvale Addresses Red Hat’s Pricing Adjustments

In light of evolving market conditions and rising business costs, including inflationary pressures, Red Hat has announced adjustments to its pricing model. It’s important for our customers and partners to understand that such adjustments are part of maintaining the balance between delivering exceptional value and sustaining competitiveness in a dynamic market. Notably, Red Hat’s pricing has remained relatively stable over the past decade, underscoring the company’s commitment to affordability and value.

The driving force behind Red Hat’s success is its cutting-edge technology and unmatched technical expertise. The company prides itself on offering collaborative solutions and experiences that are unparalleled in the industry. As Red Hat continues to innovate and evolve, it is essential that its pricing reflects the high standards and value of its offerings. This ensures that customers, partners, and the broader Open Source community continue to benefit from Red Hat’s technological advancements.

Affected Products and Services: The upcoming pricing adjustments will apply to most subscription SKUs across all product families. This includes Distributed Computing, Extended Lifecycle Support, Extended Update Support, and Network Functions Virtualization offerings. However, there are exceptions, particularly for offerings or SKUs that have been recently updated or introduced. Exemptions are in place for all SKUs under certain Offering Categories, such as Cloud Services. This includes hosted offerings like OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA), Microsoft Azure OpenShift, OpenShift on IBM Cloud (RHOIC), OpenShift Dedicated (OSD), OpenShift AI, OpenShift API Management, 3scale API Management, Quay.io, and Advanced Cluster Security (ACS).

Impact on Current Subscriptions: We wish to reassure our customers that existing active subscriptions will not be affected by these changes. The revised pricing structure will be applicable only to new subscriptions and renewals starting from April 1, 2024.

For More Information: For detailed information about Red Hat’s offerings through Crossvale, please visit our https://crossvale.com/contact/ page to ask an expert, or request a quote.  We encourage you to reach out to us for complimentary expert consultancy regarding your specific needs for Red Hat software and Managed Platform Engineering Services PodOps for OpenShift, which offers a way to combine expert 24x7x365 maintenance with your subscriptions you purchase from Crossvale.

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