Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform for OpenShift Dedicated (For Memory Optimized Nodes (4vCPU, 32GB RAM), Yearly)

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Red Hat’s JBoss Enterprise Application Platform for OpenShift Enterprise offering provides IT organizations with a simple and straightforward way to deploy and manage Java applications. This optional OpenShift Enterprise component further extends the developer and manageability benefits inherent in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform for on-premise cloud environments. Unlike other multi-product offerings, this is not a bundling of two separate products. JBoss Enterprise Middleware has been hosted on the OpenShift public offering for more than 18 months. And many capabilities and features of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 and JBoss Developer Studio 5 are based upon that experience. This real-world understanding of how application servers operate and function in cloud environments is now available in this single on-premise offering, JBoss Enterprise Application Platform for OpenShift Enterprise, for enterprises looking for cloud benefits within their own datacenters.

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