The Company That Can

The Company That Can

I was on board a 747 flight back from Red Hat Forum UK yesterday and I was browsing the children’s on board entertainment.All the usual recent suspects were there.  Highly digitized with 1080p picture quality.  You get the idea.Unfortunately there were none from my own childhood like Magic Roundabout, Captain Pugwash or Thomas the Tank Engine.Thomas was the “Engine that Could”.  He could overcome all sorts of obstacles and challenges but always came out better in the end.This reminded me a bit of Crossvale. Just like Thomas who was a smaller engine, Crossvale is not the biggest company, but we’re highly capable and adaptive to many situations and challenges.Our ability to overcome and deliver was recently recognized by a leader in the industry, Red Hat,  who awarded us Commercial Application Platform Partner of the Year.This is quite a big deal to be recognized at this level.People often ask me what I do for a living and I reply, “I’m the Chief Email Officer”. There is truth to this as what I do is try and direct things, often through email.However, it is the delivery of direction, the tactical steps, that make any company successful and the Crossvale team are excelling in that regard.  Obviously they’re excelling or we’d not have been recognized at the highest level in Red Hat.They’re amazing and I’m proud to be a small cog in that (growing and excelling) machine.The next year is going to be huge for containerization, OpenShift, Crossvale and our Crossvale Cloud Balancer product.In the meantime, however, I think I’ll sit back and think of yesteryear and possibly relive some childhood memories here.

Conor Brankin, 

CEO, Crossvale Inc.