Things to Know About Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Things to Know About Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Organizations increasingly require their IT organizations to lead efforts to embrace digital transformation and compete effectively with the broader digital transformation occurring around them. This means that IT organizations must use an IT infrastructure that offers scale, reliability, and performance — and flexibility — for their business applications.  

While the average home user is running either Windows or MacOS, and the average office worker is doing the same thing, the most powerful servers in the world are actually running Linux. Many of the world’s financial institutions, stock exchanges, and other critical hardware in the world are being run using Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Businesses benefit from having a robust open-source Linux platform to run business applications, which enables them to support these transformational workloads with fewer servers, less IT staff time, and higher availability compared with servers running other operating systems.  

RHEL is a very robust, enterprise focused operating system that has the power to run on all the most popular hardware platforms, and to support thousands of commercial and custom applications all over the world. With the right support system behind you offered Red Hat subscriptions, you can be sure that your company’s servers are powerful enough for your employee needs, and secure enough to house all your important data. 

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Providing Stability and Flexibility

If you look anywhere in the world of technology today, you can see that technology releases are very fickle. What is popular and exciting one year has been replaced the next, creating a lot of uncertainty and turmoil for consumers and business. A huge advantage with Red Hat subscriptions for your company’s servers is the fact that Red Hat is a constant in the ever-changing technological world. RHEL has been around for decades, and it has been at the heart of many of the world’s most powerful and critical servers for almost as long. Why risk having to change OS platforms to keep up with the times when you can have the stability of RHEL on your side, knowing that it’ll always be evolving with you, keeping you secure while offering the power you need for your applications?

Red Hat Insights Now Core

With the release of RHEL 8, Insights became a core part of Red Hat subscriptions. You no longer need to pay a separate fee to have the power of Insights at your fingertips. Software-as-a-service has become increasingly popular, and Insights is there to give you continuous and predictive analysis of your RHEL based systems in order to identify potential technical threats to your infrastructure’s security, performance, and stability. With proper configuration, you can have issues automatically remediated to reduce the workload of your administrators, and to avoid that dreaded costly downtime.

The Robust and Powerful Red Hat Ansible Automation

RHEL 8.0 comes with the Red Hat Ansible Tower for implementing automation procedures into your everyday work cycle and system administration tasks. With your Red Hat subscriptions comes the power of Ansible in order to help scale IT automation, manage complex deployments, and speed up the productivity of your company’s employees and workflows by automating processes that would otherwise inject human errors that slow things down. Ansible provides an easy-to-use, centralized visual dashboard for management of the entire system, as well as role-based access controls, job scheduling, graphical inventory management, and integrated notifications.

The Global Standard for Enterprises

When it comes to deploying applications, software, and hardware in enterprises, you can never go wrong with relying on the power of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Powering the world for decades, RHEL has shown itself to be versatile, robust, and powerful when the need arises. Now with better management and automation than ever, consider Red Hat subscriptions for your enterprise today. Contact Crossvale for more information.