Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS
(ROSA) Workshop

VIRTUAL WEBINAR - June 7th 2022- 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

A hands-on experience for Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS

Take down all adoption barriers leveraging ROSA. Join us for a hands-on experience for you to work directly with our Red Hat and Amazon Web Service (AWS) experts to try Red Hat® OpenShift® Service on AWS without commitment. Ask questions, follow along with the demo and create your project in the console to get a feel for how Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS will work for your team and workloads.  

About Rosa

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) is a fully-managed and jointly supported Red Hat OpenShift offering that combines the power of Red Hat OpenShift, the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise Kubernetes platform, and the AWS public cloud.

The solution that’s helping businesses build, deploy and manage Kubernetes applications faster and more easily. With all the installation, management and maintenance handled expertly by Red Hat and AWS.

  • Fully-managed
  • Empowers developers to innovate
  • Flexible consumption-based pricing
  • Clear path to hybrid cloud deployments

What you'll learn

  • Get an introduction and overview to Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS.
  • Create your own ROSA Cluster” to “Walking Through How to Create a ROSA Cluster.
  • Deploy a node.js based application via S2I and Kubernetes Deployment objects.
  • Explore networking within Kubernetes and applications.
  • Gain familiarization with OpenShift and Kubernetes functionality via a deployed app on Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS.

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How can ROSA work for you?

Modern applications and hybrid cloud technologies are essential for digital business. Red Hat OpenShift and AWS deliver an innovative application foundation that helps you optimize processes, provide on-demand services and resources, and speed development of high-quality applications so you can become more agile and successful.