Tips for Choosing an OCP Provider

OCP Provider

Tips for Choosing an OCP Provider

OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) technology has created incredible opportunities for flexible working environments. With OCP, development teams are provided with automated operations and streamlined life cycle management. On the operations side, container technology helps operations teams to provision, manage, and scale a kubernetes platform. OCP has expanded the way enterprises operate and interact with partners. While the technology has the ability to improve efficiency, it can come with its fair share of complications for those who aren’t familiar with OCP software. Fortunately, there are OCP providers who can work alongside your company to ensure the process operates smoothly.

Demonstrated Understanding of OCP

Hiring an external OCP provider to oversee your enterprise’s OCP needs can be a scary thought for some. You are trusting an external company with your database and you don’t want just anyone looking after your OCP. When searching for an OCP provider, you should always look for a company with demonstrated experience designing and executing efficient and effective digital transformation. With the right OCP provider, your employees can focus on more valuable tasks while the managed service provider looks after operations.

24/7 Service is Paramount

It goes without saying that anytime you work with a managed IT service provider, you are going to want a guarantee that they will be there for you around the clock. No matter how complex or basic your OCP environment may be, there will always be challenges. For those undergoing digital transformation, there is no shortage of challenges that can arise. Viruses happen, servers crash, files become corrupted; regardless of the issue, your OCP provider should be there to lean in and provide monitoring, patching, and advising 24/7.

Great Customer Experience

The best OCP provider will be able to provide a high-quality customer experience for both internal and external customers. Digital transformation can be confusing, and without solid customer service, your clients can quickly become exasperated. Creating a reliable network to address and respond to customer concerns is crucial. You need an OCP provider that is not only experienced in OCP, but who is also experienced in problem solving and providing customer assistance.

Competitive Price

When searching for an OCP provider, it is a good idea to shop around and understand your options. Most managed service providers will be able to provide you with a quote and a breakdown of their services. It never hurts to compare your options, but also remember that a cheaper plan is not always better. Make sure that, in addition to costs, you also compare the depth of the services provided.

Do More with A Complete OpenShift Operational Managed Service Provider

When it comes to finding an OCP provider, Crossvale is the best and only complete OpenShift operational managed service provider. Our managed services provide comprehensive support that covers every issue IT professionals find themselves up against on a daily basis. At Crossvale, we operate a little differently than many external providers with our Day Zero consulting. Our approach turns advising into an actionable roadmap. Our goal at Crossvale is to make your vision come to life, and we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to digital transformation. It’s time to rethink automation.