What Separates Great IT Consulting Companies from Not-So-Great Ones?

What Separates Great IT Consulting Companies from Not-So-Great Ones?

Google is a great tool. It can help you find almost anything, and it is instrumental in finding local services. This is why people add a “near me” tag when they search. But when you are looking for IT consultant companies near me, it’s not enough to pick the one closest to you. IT consultants are not all the same. Here is what separates a great consulting firm from a not-so-great one.

A great consulting firm listens to you

Your search for “IT consultant companies near me” should include a firm that actively listens to your needs and works with you on issues. There is a big difference between listening and working alongside you versus coming in with a set one-size-fits-all solution. Firms that have a “sure fire method” or standardized solution will not be able to account for the unique attributes that make your company special. Only work with an IT firm that makes you feel heard and is an active partner in the solution finding process.

Your “IT consultant companies near me” search should make you feel empowered

Yes, your IT firm is there to support you 24/7, but there are things you can learn to do on your own to keep your systems up and running. The IT firm you choose should focus on empowerment. A great one shows you ways to ensure better uptime and troubleshoot small issues. This way you don’t have to suffer time and product loss while you wait for your IT firm to respond. That being said, your consultant company should be readily available when needed, and you should feel confident, not embarrassed, about calling them. A great consulting firm empowers you and your team.

A great consulting firm has a range of in-house services

When contracting your IT needs to “IT consultant companies near me,” look for one that provides a robust package of services. In addition to consulting and providing solutions, they should be able to implement and manage those solutions. What is the point of having “IT consultant companies near me” if you can only rely on them for advice, but must contract with another firm to actually get the work done? You need “IT consultant companies near me” that provide manages services.

Managed services allow you to delegate your IT operations to a third party. This reduces risks (server downtime, malware attacks, etc.) and allows your team to focus on what they do best. It also slashes operating costs since “IT consultant companies near me” that offer managed services are more affordable than having your own, full-time, in house team.


Don’t jump at the first result in Google when you search for “IT consultant companies near me.” Take the time to find a great company that listens actively to what you need, creates a unique solution, empowers you and your team, and offers managed services to save you time and money. With a firm like that you can focus on the developing your products and services and selling to your customers with confidence. Click here for more information.