What to Ask Your IT Consulting Company Before Hiring Them?

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What to Ask Your IT Consulting Company Before Hiring Them?

Computers and network systems are a critical part of any business, so making sure that yours are fully functional and ready to get to work should be a top priority for any business owner!  Over the years, the importance of consulting firms has increased significantly, bringing new perspectives and solutions to companies worldwide. However, IT consulting firms and their services are not a one-size-fits-all industry. You should find the right firm that can support your business properly. Ask potential IT consultants questions in advance to make sure that they’re a perfect fit for your operation! 

Certifications & Training 

Just as you would want your plumber to be a member of local trades associations, you should check to see if your potential IT consulting firm is a member of appropriate groups. Firms who are will likely hold to quality service standards and follow best workplace practices.  

Ask if they are vendor-certified to work with your hardware or software systems. What education or training are their staff required to possess? Make sure the company you are looking for has worked with similar companies and has a deep understanding of the particularities of the sector. 

Service and Emergency Responses 

It’s important that your IT consulting firm can keep your business up and running. How do they plan to maintain your network? How often do they perform update services or information backups? Do they have a plan to keep your network and business information safe from hacking or viruses? 

And just as important as the day-to-day operation of IT service is, how do they respond to emergencies? An unexpected outage of your systems can cost your business time, money, and even customers. Ask your IT consulting firm how they handle emergencies and how quickly they can put a team in place to get your system up again.  

A good IT consulting company should have experience with the challenges or opportunities your company is facing. In that way, they will be able to analyze and offer better and favorable proposals and solutions for your specific problems should any challenges arise at any time. 

References & Client Care 

Make a search of some current and past clients. They can provide valuable and solid information about the consultant firm. Ask them about their experience and satisfaction level with the work. Always check to see if your IT consulting firm has favorable reviews online or if their company website features client testimonials. Ask for other references that you may be able to contact as well; you’re putting a lot of trust in hiring an IT consultant, so it’s fair to make sure that they treat their clients well! 

Your own personal comfort should factor into your IT consulting firm decision as well. Working with an IT firm that you get along with will make your life much easier. Friendly service can be just as important as effective service. Perhaps you are not particularly technology literate and need them to explain what they are planning to do for you clearly without technical lingo. Your questions are important! Any business owner should want to know what they’re paying for! 

Contract and Coverage 

Any potential IT consulting firm should be happy to show you one of their standard contracts. Be sure to go through it with them and ask questions! What do they guarantee? What services are covered, and which are outside the contract scope and extra charges? Do they charge after-hours rates to respond to weekend emergencies? What are the insurance liability coverages to your business and equipment for damage? In the event that the details of the contract aren’t met, what is the resolution? These are all very important details to be clear on before you bring in an IT consulting firm! Visit our website for more information.